About Us

“We want to inspire and motivate men and women, alike, to enhance their workout routine with the ULTIMATE SWEAT® innovative product line. We believe in the Ultimate Sweat® line and with the inclusion of our latest Ultimate Sweat Tourmaline Heat Belts, we are confident that our products will continue to gain recognition throughout the public health, exercise and fitness industry. Ultimate sweat is committed to providing innovation and superior customer service.” — Carrie Bruder and Phil Paolina

Carrie Bruder
Co-founder of Ultimate Sweat®

Carrie Bruder, Co-founder of Ultimate Sweat® LLC first met Philip Paolina in 2005 when she started boxing at his well known and established gym, New York City Boxing Club. Together they have worked to introduce the Ultimate Sweat® Product Line to the Health, Exercise and Fitness Public Boom.

Carrie Bruder is the proud wife and mother of three girls who all play Club Soccer at the highest level. She graduated from the University of Southern California. Carrie was diagnosed with breast cancer five years ago. She wanted to come up with something that would help reduce toxins and eliminate fat when working out. The Ultimate Sweat Accelerator cream, and sauna suit became a number one hit with the celebrities. She wanted something more. That is when tourmaline was discovered. Tourmaline is known as a natural healing stone that helps to reduce toxins. Carrie and Phil started testing the waist belt on their friends. Her friends started working out, eating healthy, and wearing the tourmaline waist belts. The combination helped their weight decrease. The manufacturer mentioned that the belts should be used for Carrie’s daughters who play soccer. Carrie’s daughter had a pulled hamstring before she started using the Ultimate Sweat Tourmaline Heat Leg Belt. She felt so much relief from the belt. Carrie’s daughter is constantly called into the US National Soccer Camp and she never leaves without every single Ultimate Sweat Tourmaline belt. “My kids haven’t used ice in over 8 months.”... “These belts have helped them so much.” Carrie ended up helping Zakiya Bywaters from UCLA when she was injured (please see testimonial). Zakiya couldn’t play an entire game until after she started using the Ultimate Sweat Tourmaline belts.

Philip Paolina
Co-founder of Ultimate Sweat®

Philip Paolina (pronounced pow-ah-lee-nuh), was born in Brooklyn, and grew up in Queens, the son of an Italian American longshoreman and a housewife. Phil is the proud owner of New York City Boxing Club in Canoga Park, California. A natural athlete, young Phil excelled at virtually every sport he tried, including football, baseball, basketball, and . . . boxing. By his early 20’s he was already the veteran of more than a dozen amateur fights and was running his own candy and stationary store while preparing for a pro career.

“I only use Ultimate Sweat products on all of my celebrity clients.”

Phil has over 30 years in the fight game, with over 40 fights under his belt, and is one of the most sought after trainers in the business. Pro-boxers, celebrities, and everyday people train with Phil and Ultimate Sweat!