Tourmaline Heat Leg Belt

Tourmaline Heat Leg Belt


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The Ultimate Sweat Tourmaline Heat Leg Belt is made of a natural stone called Tourmaline. This belt could help warm up your muscles.

How to Use Product

For best results: Apply a thin layer of Ultimate Sweat Accelerator Cream on your body. Close the Ultimate Sweat Heat Belt over the cream. The belt should generate heat within 15-30 minutes. Once you feel the heat, remove the belt. Your skin may appear to be “RED.” That is completely normal. The redness will disappear! You should feel heat form the inside out. Do not wear the belt for more than 45 minutes. Note: For best result use the Ultimate Sweat Accelerator cream, however the belt does not have to be used with the cream.

Wash with water and mild soap. Dry Immediately!

Do Not Use If you have a pace maker, heart conditions, artificial implants or any health issues. Please consult your physician before using this product.


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