Tourmaline Heat Shoulder Belt

I injured my shoulder in a terrible car accident. After months of physical therapy the shoulder was still out of alignment and I couldn't regain full range of motion. Then I started wearing the Ultimate Sweat Tourmaline shoulder belt every day. Now I have full range of motion, no more pain, and I feel great. It's amazing. My physical therapist said there is not a trace of an injury when he looks at my shoulder. Thank you Ultimate Sweat!

Debbie G.
West Hills, California

Tourmaline Heat Wrist Belt

I love wearing the Ultimate Sweat Tourmaline belt on my wrist. It releases all of the tension and built up fascia from over uses of my arms.

Alyssa Rubinstein

Tourmaline Heat Leg Belt

Just one word regarding the Ultimate Sweat Tourmaline Heat Belt, genius! Absolute genius! Never have I seen or used a more outstanding healing aid. Use it one time, and you will have it by your side the rest of your life!

Adam Chambers
Chief Lighting Technician, Hollywood Ca.

Tourmaline Heat Knee Belt

The Ultimate Sweat Tourmaline Knee Belt has been a lifesaver. I've been using the product for several months for my chronic knee condition. It's helped ease my pain and discomfort while giving me increased joint flexibility for my workouts. I highly recommend it!

Jill Hartley
Sammamish, WA

Tourmaline Heat Leg Belt

Thanks for the Ultimate Sweat Belt. It worked! Hannah won the 400m at Marmonte league finals yesterday!

Denise Dearborn

Tourmaline Heat Leg Belt

The Tourmaline Belt is such a great product. I am an elite soccer player and was facing a groin injury that was troubling me for about a month. I could barely walk after games because I was in so much pain. I was doing treatments such as ultra-sound, stem and ice, deep muscle stimulation and routine heat packs. My injury was so deep that the treatments I was doing was not getting to the actual pain. I was told by doctors that I had the option of getting a shot to help me finish playing without any pain. Instead I used the Tourmaline belt for a week in the affective area twice a day. I no longer have the sharp pain in my groin and rarely do any other treatments. I only use the Tourmaline belt and put on the Ultimate Sweat before practices and games to help really warm my muscles!

Zakiya Bywaters
US National Team-U-23 WNT, UCLA Women’s Soccer Team

Tourmaline Heat Waist Belt

Dear Ultimate Sweat
The tourmaline has saved my life! It has reduced the swelling in my lower back!

Scott Mineo
President of Coast Paint and Drywall

Tourmaline Heat Waist Belt

I love the Ultimate Sweat Tourmaline products! I used the Ultimate Sweat Tourmaline Heat Waist Belt along with a healthy diet and I lost 38 pounds! I feel great! I also use the Ultimate Sweat Tourmaline Heat knee belt. It’s the only way I can play Racquetball. It loosens up my muscles to make it easier to workout!

Rick Vizcaino
Vizcaino Premium Jeans